Trust and Safety

As part of our community of global shoppers and travelers, we’ve rounded up a few must-know tips to help you make the most of your Grabr experience. Scroll below for standards and expectations we’ve put in place to keep our community safe

ID Verified Profiles

When you set up a Grabr account, we will ask to verify your profile via email confirmation and SMS. This helps us protect our users from fake accounts and spam.

Plus, we want to make sure you are real! Don’t worry about providing this info; it is kept private and never displayed on your public profile.

Escrow Delivery And Payment

Initially, travelers pay for the shopper’s item with his or her own money. Once the shopper confirms delivery, this money is released to the traveler along with their delivery reward. For shoppers, we take a 7% commission for each delivery.

In short, we use escrow to ensure that both the shopper and traveler’s money is safe and secure.

Customer Service

While the best way to resolve an issue is to message your shopper or traveler directly, we are also here to help, should you need further assistance.

Our customer service hours are 10 am–6 pm PST Monday–Friday and we try our best to respond to all questions within 24 business hours. Contact us to get started.

Delivery And Pickup In Public Places

We recommend all shoppers and travelers pre-arrange a public place to meet, for both safety and convenience.

Many users opt for a public park, a neighborhood cafe or the lobby of the traveler’s hotel.

Use our messenger to coordinate a mutually agreed upon time and place.

Two-Way Shopper And Traveler Rating

Our two-rating system ensures that both shoppers and travelers have a positive experience with Grabr. Upon delivery of your item, please confirm receipt of your grab in our app and rate your traveler.

Travelers also have a chance to rate their shopper. This way, new and current users can view these ratings before bidding or accepting offers.

Community Guidelines

Building our community is one of our main priorities, and we want everyone to have the best experience possible.

We do not accept profanity, verbal aggression, threats of any kind or other bad behavior.

If you break the rules, we will send you a warning and if you persist, your Grabr account will be suspended.

Community Guidelines

Be Polite

Grabr is a community and not a courier service, so treat others with respect. Grabr will not tolerate profanities, abusive language or rude treatment of any member of our community. It is never appropriate to stalk or threaten any Grabr user or an employee of the company.

Respond to Messages

Grabr is a community and not a courier service, so treat others with respect. Grabr will not tolerate profanities, abusive language or rude treatment of any member of our community. It is never appropriate to stalk or threaten any Grabr user or an employee of the company.

Play by the Rules

Grabr provides a secure escrow payment and messaging system to guarantee shoppers receive their products and travelers receive payment upon delivery. Transacting outside of Grabr violates community values and rules and is against both shopper and traveler security.

If you are asked to order/deliver items outside the Grabr platform, please report this to our team immediately.

Complete Your Profile

At Grabr, we never display personal information like your home address or credit card details. That said, filling out your profile will help you get the most out of our platform. Shoppers are more likely to accept offers from travelers with a profile picture and who have posted their upcoming travel dates.

If you violate any of these policies outlined above, you will receive a warning email. After a second warning email, we will proceed with blocking your Grabr account.

Meet our Community

Have you ever shopped via someone across the country who picks up your item and delivers it to you? That’s exactly what Grabr does. My top came to me from London, which I couldn’t have gotten otherwise. All in all, it was a cool way to recoup some of my travel expenses.

I don’t know if you remember, but in the 90's there was a cereal that I called Honey Nutos (at home we used to call it the “little cornflakes”) and it was my absolute favorite. Over time, the cereal disappeared from supermarkets, until it was only sold in more expensive stores, like Emporio Santa Maria. Four years ago, it disappeared completely from Brazil. In the US, however, this cereal still exists and it’s called Honey Nut Cheerios. Until discovering Grabr, the only way I could get my hands on Honey Nutos was by traveling to the States, which is expensive and not very convenient. So, I created a grab for Honey Nut Cheerios and received five whole boxes a few weeks later!

As a full-time travel blogger, I’m always looking for ways to save money or better yet, earn money. My delivery reward was automatically routed into my bank account for a nice total of $500. The money I made by using Grabr covered the cost of my hotel room for three nights, transportation to and from the airport, Tango classes, and a couple of delicious meals with Malbec wine in Buenos Aires. Read more

Moscow has been on my bucket list forever, and I had an incredible trip overall! I made $913 (no joke!) and finally got to see the Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral in front of my own two eyes! Read more

It is fun meeting local people because they give you good recommendations regarding places to visit and foods to eat. Plus the app is easy to use and very intuitive.

I delivered all my grabs within two hours. I chose the lobby of my hotel because it was in a central part of the city and the most convenient place for me. I lived in Asia for more than 12 years, so I know just how impossible it is to get what I’d consider 'everyday' items. Certain companies simply don’t deliver to Asia no matter what, and Grabr is a great workaround.

My wedding was one month away and I still hadn’t found the perfect bridal veil. Then, I saw a friend post about Grabr in a group and I decided to research it a bit more. I soon found mentions of Grabr all over the internet and on Instagram—including some by my favorite bloggers. So, I decided to take a chance and give Grabr a try! Luckily, a traveler was able to deliver the veil of my dreams, with two weeks to spare before my wedding. The ivory color worked so well with the tone of my dress. I’m very happy with Grabr.

Before heading to Thailand for a work trip, I logged in to Grabr to see if anyone wanted items from the United States. Turns out, there were lots of requests! I made bids and almost all were accepted, which ultimately allowed me more spending money once on-the-ground.

I received the Deep Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. I found the site safe and secure to use and loved the experience of meeting my Grabr traveler.

I was able to meet most of my shoppers on my first day in town. Every single person was different—some where from India, China, and even a few from Americans living there. Everyone greeted me with a huge smile when they received their items. Some even hugged me and one of them gave me a ride on his scooter to a temple I wanted to visit.

I recently received the New Classic Carry Case, which is not sold in my country. Grabr is an outstanding way to get whatever you want from any place in the world.

I really wanted to buy a Phantom 4 and soon enough, a friend suggested I try Grabr. It allows you to buy anything you want regardless of your location, and for travelers, they earn extra money for the effort. For me, it’s really convenient because I don’t need to travel somewhere just to get items I want. Instead, a traveler can bring the item to me on his or her trip. I found it easy to communicate with my traveler and sort out the details of my item.

Once I arrived to Buenos Aires, I sat down with the products, mapped out the meeting points, and suggested pick-up times for each shopper. I messaged them, they agreed, and then I went on my merry way delivering the items. Three of the seven shoppers I had grabs for met me in my hotel lobby; the rest I met in public places around the city. It was extremely efficient and everyone was happy.

I wanted to buy a helmet on Amazon or eBay but neither supported shipping to Vietnam and even so, shipping would have been a big expense because of the helmet’s size and weight. So, I headed to Grabr and after watching the tutorial, signed up as a user. Within two weeks, I received three bids on my item and a week later, met up with the traveler to receive the helmet. We still keep in touch today!

Grabr makes it possible for me to enjoy all the things I have ever wanted for a reasonable price. I wish my country offered this!

A local gifted me his favorite Brazilian treats as a thank you for bringing him a pair of sneakers. If this isn’t the cutest thing, I don’t know what is. Making instant friends abroad is what I love most about Grabr.

The first item I requested was a mesh, reusable grocery bag, which seems like an everyday product but actually isn’t readily available here in Finland, especially the particular brand I ordered. After meeting up with my traveler to receive the bag, we realized we live in nearby neighborhoods. He happened to be on a business trip to San Francisco when he tracked down my grab. Truly a small world!

I got the Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace and while it’s available on Amazon, there’s no way to ship it to Peru, which is why I turned to Grabr. I was even able to get it in time for Christmas! Everything went smoothly; my item was in perfect condition and my traveler was really nice. It’s amazing how easy Grabr makes things. So, thank you Grabr, for making my day!