About Grabr

The Faster, Friendlier Way to Shop and Travel the World

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to build the world’s largest peer-to-peer shopping and delivery community. Every day, shoppers are faced with a major dilemma: either live without a product you need or want because it’s not available locally, or pay considerably high shipping fees to get them delivered. At the same time, travelers are heading to some of these same countries and can easily fit these items in their luggage. Grabr matches shoppers and travelers from both sides of this equation to unlock their unique power to help one another.

Grabr also brings a beautiful human element to global commerce, proving that we offer much more than a ‘click and buy’ transaction for our users. You're not merely ordering or delivering items; Grabr provides people with the special opportunity to meet someone from a different background and culture. Thanks to our close-knit, global community, many shoppers end up acting as unofficial tour guides to their travelers and in turn, travelers experience a new city through local eyes. In several instances, long-term friendships form.

Who Are We?

At Grabr, our team is dedicated to creating the change we want to see in the world. We believe that inspiration and ideas flow from experiencing new places and meeting new people. We created Grabr so that anyone can get anything from anywhere in the world.

Daria Rebenok

Founder & CEO

  • Countries visited: 76
  • Cities Lived in: 7
  • Miles Flown: 1,000,000

Artem Fedyaev

Founder & Advisor

  • Countries visited: 54
  • Cities Lived in: 5
  • Miles Flown: 445,000

And 30+ team members

Including software developers, designers, marketers and customer support

Headquarters in San Francisco
Built in Moscow