Gardenia Zuniga

Lives in New York, NY, US
Traveled to Rio de Janeiro, BR
Saved $2,190

Grabr has opened the possibilities to¬†travel places I¬†wished to¬†travel but to¬†make friends in¬†other countries. Every time I¬†travel for Grabr, I¬†look forward on¬†new adventures and visiting my¬†friends I¬†made with Grabr on¬†Grab at¬†a¬†time.I was able to¬†meet most of¬†my¬†shoppers on¬†my¬†first day in¬†town. Every single person was different‚ÄĒsome where from India, China, and even a¬†few from Americans living there. Everyone greeted me¬†with a¬†huge smile when they received their items. Some even hugged me¬†and one of¬†them gave me¬†a¬†ride on¬†his scooter to¬†a¬†temple I¬†wanted to¬†visit.

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