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Megan McDonough

Saved $825.00
Most people hear Argentina ūüíÉ and only think of¬†Buenos Aires but the country is¬†REALLY big. This week I¬†delivered items to¬†Grabr shoppers and earned a¬†cool $825. SO, I¬†booked a¬†flight to¬†Tucum√°n in¬†the north and spent a¬†few days visiting my¬†in-laws. The rest of¬†my¬†earnings is¬†going into my¬†travel fund (yes, I¬†have one!) The moral of¬†the story? Don‚Äôt let an¬†expensive flight keep you from exploring the world. There‚Äôs always a¬†way to¬†make it¬†happen. :)

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