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How Payments Work

Payment through Grabr as easy as shopping online, and guaranteed secure
When the shopper requests an item, and confirms the traveler's delivery offer, she'll make a deposit on the item. Grabr puts the payment on hold and only releases it to the traveler when the item is delivered.
The traveler purchases the item with his or her own money, and delivers the item to the shopper.
The shopper confirms receipt of the item.
The traveler is paid the delivery reward and reimbursed for the item's cost, within 3-15 business days of the shopper’s confirmation.
We accept these forms of payment as well as more local cards and payment options. See more

Why shoppers love Grabr

Shopping with Grabr is a secure way to get top items from the US hand-delivered to your city.

Why travelers love Grabr

It's easy and fun to make money traveling with Grabr.