The Revolutionary New Way to Shop and Travel the World

Grabr is a revolutionary way to shop and travel the world. Even though we live in an increasingly interconnected world, it can be impossible or expensive to get your hands on unique items from different countries, but while these items cannot travel easily, people can and do every day. All over the world!

Having lived in several cities around the world, Grabr's founders, Daria Rebenok and Artem Fedyaev, were able to enjoy a wide range of global goods. After they moved to San Francisco, they found themselves longing for everything they enjoyed abroad but could no longer find. They discovered many other people felt the same.

Thus, the idea for Grabr was born. When you are seeking unique items from around the world, Grabr connects you with travelers heading your way who can bring them to you. As a traveler, Grabr allows you to earn extra money and meet amazing locals along the way.

While many items from around the world may not be imported, people travel to and from countries and cities all the time and can bring these items with them when they do! This is how Daria and Artem are still able to enjoy their favorite goods, such as gazpacho made from scratch in Spain, even though they live thousands of miles away. Now you can too!

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to build the world’s largest peer-to-peer shopping and delivery community. Every day, people are disappointed to discover certain items they want are impossible or too expensive to get where they live. At the same time, many people are traveling from the very places where these items are available. Grabr matches shoppers and travelers from both sides of this equation to unlock their unique power to help each other.

Much more than just being a 'click and buy' transaction, Grabr also brings a beautiful human element to global commerce. You're not merely ordering or delivering items. Grabr provides you with the special opportunity to meet someone from a different background and culture. Join us in breaking down the borders between items and the barriers between people!

Who Are We?

At Grabr, we are an international team dedicated to creating the change we want to see in the world. We believe inspiration and ideas flow from experiencing new places and things. That starts with being able to access them in the first place. We created Grabr so that everyone can access goods from all over the world and have a new way to fund the adventures to explore it.

Daria Rebenok

Founder & CEO

  • Countries visited: 76
  • Cities Lived in: 7
  • Miles Flown: 1,000,000

Artem Fedyaev

Founder & Advisor

  • Countries visited: 54
  • Cities Lived in: 5
  • Miles Flown: 445,000

And 30+ team members

Including software developers, designers, marketers and customer support

Headquarters in San Francisco
Built in Moscow