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What do travel hackers do?

Use credit card point programs to earn massive amounts of points
Fly so much they earn airline status so they can fly first class for free
Live the high life in impressive resorts and suites, for free

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Grabr not only pays you to travel, but gives you the ability to earn massive credit card rewards points while you’re doing it
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How it works

You can use Grabr to manufacture spend on bonus earning credit cards. This way, you hit your minimum spending limits to earn awards, and get paid back in time to pay your bill before the due date
1. Shopper Request
Locals all over the world request items they don’t have access to. They are willing to pre-pay a traveler a hefty rewards to buy it and bring it to them
2. Manufacture Spend
You buy these items with your bonus earning credit cards, and earn a cash reward for each item. We have the shoppers money in escrow waiting for you
3. Paid on Delivery
Once you deliver the items, you get your money wired back to you to pay your card. Your cash rewards help pay down your trip, usually 100% or more
Grabr holds the shoppers' money for pre-paid orders our US escrow account for you. You have guaranteed payment after delivery.

Popular requests

Here are some of the items that people like to request regularly. We can even help you build your travel bundle
Pedro Ortego
requested 1 day ago
Mac Book Pro
Traveler reward from
Leonardo Nery
requested 1 day ago
Samsung Sm R140 Nzkaxar Gear Icon X Cord Free Fitness Ear
Traveler reward from
Natalia Avelar
requested 1 day ago
Holy Stone Gps Fpv Rc Drone Hs100
Traveler reward from
Douglas Sawaki
requested 1 day ago
Go Pro Fusion
Traveler reward from

Why travelers love Grabr

It’s easy and fun to make money traveling with Grabr.

As a full-time travel blogger, I’m always looking for ways to save money or better yet, earn money. My traveler fee was automatically routed into my bank account for a nice total of $500. The money I made by using Grabr covered the cost of my hotel room for three nights, transportation to and from the airport, Tango classes, and a couple of delicious meals with Malbec wine in Buenos Aires. Read more

Moscow has been on my bucket list forever, and I had an incredible trip overall! I made $913 (no joke!) and finally got to see the Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral in front of my own two eyes! Read more

It is fun meeting local people because they give you good recommendations regarding places to visit and foods to eat. Plus the app is easy to use and very intuitive.

I delivered all my grabs within two hours. I chose the lobby of my hotel because it was in a central part of the city and the most convenient place for me. I lived in Asia for more than 12 years, so I know just how impossible it is to get what I’d consider 'everyday' items. Certain companies simply don’t deliver to Asia no matter what, and Grabr is a great workaround.

Before heading to Thailand for a work trip, I logged in to Grabr to see if anyone wanted items from the United States. Turns out, there were lots of requests! I made bids and almost all were accepted, which ultimately allowed me more spending money once on-the-ground.

I was able to meet most of my shoppers on my first day in town. Every single person was different—some where from India, China, and even a few from Americans living there. Everyone greeted me with a huge smile when they received their items. Some even hugged me and one of them gave me a ride on his scooter to a temple I wanted to visit.

Once I arrived to Buenos Aires, I sat down with the products, mapped out the meeting points, and suggested pick-up times for each shopper. I messaged them, they agreed, and then I went on my merry way delivering the items. Three of the seven shoppers I had grabs for met me in my hotel lobby; the rest I met in public places around the city. It was extremely efficient and everyone was happy.

A local gifted me his favorite Brazilian treats as a thank you for bringing him a pair of sneakers. If this isn’t the cutest thing, I don’t know what is. Making instant friends abroad is what I love most about Grabr.

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Travel hack the world with Grabr

Enjoy the world, your way