Grabr Ambassadors love spreading the word about Grabr.

Growing our collective community means that shoppers get their items faster and travelers are even more motivated to travel and deliver.

Simply, Grabr is better with friends.

Grabr Ambassadors earn points and get rewarded for helping our community grow, participating in exclusive challenges, and providing feedback.

What To Expect

As a Grabr Ambassador, you will receive a special email at the beginning of each month containing challenges, and Ambassador updates. Earn points by referring your friends to Grabr and by participating in monthly challenges!


Learn insider tips for getting more referrals, to earn more money.


Earn points by referring new members and participating in challenges, like surveys or video contests.


We’ll be announcing all previous month’s winners and insider news about Grabr.

Learn how you stack up to other Ambassadors by checking the Leaderboard.

Exclusive Rewards

In addition to Grabr referral credits, you will also have the opportunity to earn prizes.

1st Place Winner

USD $250 (minimum 30 points)

2nd Place Winner

USD $100 (minimum 25 points)

Top 20 Raffle

We will raffle off 2 $25 Grabr gift cards at the end of each month to those who placed in the top 20